Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WIld Edibles Seafood Update

Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
Today we have some beautiful landings showing up in our warehouse.  Mahi-Mahi are looking great, the fish are monsters showing up from pacific dayboats of the coast of Panama.  Good news from the Boston area is Black Sea Bass landings are high and we have some great fish headed our way tomorrow.  They are priced to move, so get the fish while they are here.  The Georgia Banks have brought some exquisite Monk and Swordfish.  From the Northern waters we will be bringing in some large East Coast Halibut, these fish have been ideal as of late, if you don't have Halibut on the menu now might be the time to add it.  Grey Tile has been a favorite as of late, sized 5-7lbs we are really happy with this North Carolina fish.
Unfortunately our Turbot shipment missed the flight, we will be getting this fish on Friday.  Good news on the West Coast oyster front, looks like the waters are getting cold enough and the worst of the vibrio outbreak is behind us.  We are starting to see the opening of some familiar beds and are confident the rest will be following soon.  We will keep you up to speed on bed openings as they approach.  Kusshi's remain tight, but Kumo's are looking great. 
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Homer Simpson,
Eric Morris
Account Executive
Wild Edibles Seafood

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