Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wild Edible Seafood Update

Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
The closing of the Wild Stripe Bass season in Massachusetts have left our fisherman scrambling to fill that void with other top notch fish.  Good news is they answered the call, we have seen beautiful large Monk tails, Boston Mackerel, Steaked Cod, and, Scup(Porgies).  Steamer clams from Maine are really nice, but are not purged. 
From the south we are bringing in Wahoo(ono), some great fresh 16/20 shrimp, Pampano, Tile, and, Black Grouper.  From our friends on the west side we have brought back some Crayfish.  Sockeye runs have been high, and we are seeing some great Sockeye from Alaska.  Now is the time for Sockeye so enjoy it while the season remains open.  King Salmon is another wild fish for thought as it is running very nice and will soon expire. 
Very bad news on the west coast oyster scene.  The entire state of Washington is shut down due to numerous sources including warm waters, tide problems, and, vibrio.  These problems range from the California to British Columbia, make sure to plan your menu accordingly.  Some oysters we will be getting but they will be tight for the upcoming month.  Now would be a good time to think about using some east coast oysters which are running great.  Some of our east coast specialties include: Wellfleets, Pemaquids, Beau Soleil, Nasketucket, Unami, and, Wawenauk. 
"If you are determined enough and willing to pay the price, you can get it done."
Mike Ditka
Eric Morris
Account Executive
Wild Edibles Seafood

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