Monday, July 23, 2012


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
We brought in some wonderful items to start off the week right.  We also have more great stuff coming in tonight.  Jumbo Black Sea Bass from Massachusetts look gorgeous at 3 to 5 pounds each.  Local Monkfish Tails are quite large at over 5 pounds each.  We are still seeing a lot of Wild Striped Bass coming in from Massachusetts.  They are available in all sizes.  Day Boat East Coast Canadian Halibut look great today.  U/10 and 10/20 Scallops found their way here from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.  After the mess today, it's good news that we are expecting to receive a lot of Oysters from the West Coast tonight.  There simply wasn't anything available today. 
Jumbo Spanish Mackerel are in from waters off the Carolina's.  They average about 4 pounds each.  3/4 Chilean Turbot will be available tomorrow as well.  Florida sent us lovely Golden Tilefish that average about 9 pounds.  We finally got our hands on some Mahi Mahi.  The fish are in from Panama and are already head off and gutted.
Siberian Sturgeon that is farm raised in Florida are back after being unavailable at the end of last week.  California King Salmon are on their way here.  We also brought in more Wild Sockeye Salmon from Alaska.
"A thing well done is worth doing." -Hugh Leonard
Have a great day.
Mark Remore
Account Executive
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