Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
Unseasonably warm weather has hopefully made you nice and busy.  We have great items available today to help restock your walk-ins.  Gorgeous Local Swordfish came our way this morning.  You want Scallops?  We've got Scallops.  Super fresh 10/20 Scallops from Cape May are here.  Nantucket Bay is still sending stuff our way almost daily.  We are getting a small amount of U/10 Scallops from Boston tonight.  Please preorder this item if you need it.  We have a very limited amount.
Alaska is currently fishing chum salmon.  Through bycatch, we've got our hands on Wild Coho Salmon.  They are 10 pounds each with the head already off and gutted.  Wild King Salmon is also available for tomorrow, also a result of bycatch.  We are not expecting them to be around often, but they may pop in from time to time.
Razor Clams from Maine are here.  We haven't seen them in a while.  They look incredibly fresh.  More Pompano is available tonight for tomorrow's delivery.  Please order in advance.  Our Farmed Idaho Trout has been perfect lately.  We tend to take these great fish for granted.  But the quality and consistency lately has been impeccable.
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Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
A new week is here.  Let's hope people can pull themselves away from the "Cyber Monday" deals online and come have a great meal at your restaurant.  East Coast Canadian and Alaskan Halibut are available today.  The Canadian fish are 10 to 50 pounds, while the Alaskan are 10 to 20 pounds each.  A beautiful Swordfish from Canada came in this morning.  Long Island Wild Striped Bass is still running strong at 8 to 20 pounds each.  Dayboat 10/20 Scallops from Cape May, NJ came in this morning and look great.  There are currently no U/10 Scallops available.  Hard-Shell Canadian Lobster prices are holding steady right now, but we are expecting the price to go up soon.
My buyer says the Louisiana Lump Crabmeat we have today is the best he's ever had.  Florida sent us amazing items this morning.  Farm raised Sturgeon looks like a great choice.  Large Stone Crab Claws still look delicious.  Fresh 16/20 Shrimp are here.  Golden Tilefish came in.  They are between 5 and 15 pounds and are super fresh.  Red Snapper from Florida are a can't miss option today and are available in 2/4 and 4/6 pounds.  Red Grouper is here.  They haven't been around as often as we would like, but today's fish look terrific.  Pompano will be available tomorrow.  Please order them ahead of time to ensure we get it for you.
Beautiful head off and gutted Mahi Mahi from Panama showed up today.  Panama also sent us more of that lovely Cobia.  Ecuadorian Escolar looks amazing today as well.
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Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
New England came through today with U/10 Scallops.  We haven't seen them in a while, but hopefully they are here to stay.  We also got more 10/20 Scallops which have been gorgeous lately.  High winds and low production have temporarily halted the supply of Nantucket Bay Scallops.  We are hoping to get some in tonight.  All-Leg Crabmeat showed up this morning as well.  The Wild Striped Bass we got in today is from Long Island.  They are bigger than they have been lately averaging 10 to 15 pounds each.
Ecuadorian Escolar looks like a great choice today.  Wild Cobia is available today too.  We have absolutely stunning 1 to 2 pound Chilean Turbot.  I've never seen Turbot this fresh. 
We got in some Fresh 16/20 Shrimp from the Gulf.  My buyer thinks this will be the last we see of them this week due to the holiday.  So if you need them, I'd preorder them today.  Sturgeon from Florida came in this morning.  We are expecting to receive more Golden Tilefish tonight.  They have been gigantic lately, and we expect more of the same from these great North Carolina fish.
We have two types of Halibut available.  Wild East Coast Halibut from Canada and Farmed from Norway are the choices.  The Canadian Halibut are huge.  They are about 40 pounds each.  The Norwegian fish are smaller at about 10 to 15 pounds each with the head on. 
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Have a great day.
Mark Remore
Account Executive
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