Monday, July 2, 2012


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
Please be advised that we will be CLOSED WEDNESDAY JULY 4th.  We will reopen on Thursday.  If you are open on the 4th, you will need to bring in all of your items tomorrow.  We have some good news this morning to start out the new week.  We are expecting Wild Striped Bass prices to drop after the holiday.  New York season is officially open.  This means we will see a lot of super fresh fish with nice low prices.  Local Fluke prices are also down and look great.  U/10 and 10/20 Scallops are expected to come in overnight from our friends in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.  Local Bluefish are nice and large at 6 to 9 pounds each.  Beautiful Snook from New England came in again and look fantastic at 12 pounds each.
Farmed Siberian Sturgeon from Florida look lovely as always this morning.  16/20 Fresh Gulf Shrimp are flawless as usual today.  It looks like Red Snappers are going to be a problem until after the 4th.  Soft-Shell Crabs are available; but it looks like the season is winding down a bit earlier than expected.  3/4 Chilean Turbot looks like a nice choice for a special.  Halibut prices are down.  These great fish come to us directly from eastern Canada and range in size from 10 to 40 pounds.  Wild King and Wild Sockeye Salmon are a can't miss.  They are both coming in daily from Alaska and are head off and already gutted.  The King's are about 10 to 12 pounds and the Sockeye's are 4 to 6 pounds each.
"Make a habit of two things:  to help; or at least to do no harm." -Hippocrates
Have a great day.
Mark Remore
Account Executive
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