Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
We have some wonderful items to get you through this busy week.  Beautiful Swordfish came in today.  One of the fish is over 300 pounds!  Fresh Local Octopus is available.  They are about 2 pounds each and super fresh.
Jumbo Spanish Mackerel came in this morning.  They are averaging 4 to 5 pounds each.  Beautiful 12 pound Gloucester Cod arrived overnight.  These are a can't miss item.  Wild Striped Bass is still available.  New York's season on Striper is closed.  Virginia should be good to go until the middle of January. 
We got a nice shipment of all our Canadian Oysters today.  We stocked up on the Black Crescent Oysters, which we are using as a replacement for the disappointing consistency of the Beau Soleil's.  You will be very pleased with the change.  The Black Crescent Oysters are fantastic.
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Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
Wild Coho Salmon came back our way.  They are about 10 pounds each and are coming in with the head off and already gutted.  The fish are bycatch from British Columbia.  This means we really have no way of knowing when they will be available again.  They should make a terrific special.  Farm Raised Halibut from Norway keeps looking great.  Each fish weighs between 10 and 20 pounds.  Wild Striped Bass seems to be back on the right track for now.  We have a mix from Long Island and Maryland and they weigh 5 to 7 pounds or 10 to 15 pounds.
Nantucket Bay Scallops look super fresh today.  We also have lovely 10/20 Scallops from Cape May, NJ.  We got in some U/12's from Massachusetts, but we aren't sure about availability in the days to come.  Whelks from Long Island and delicious Razor Clams from Maine also look like great choices.
Florida sent us some nice items this morning.  Red Grouper is here and looks great at 3 to 5 pounds each.  Large Stone Crab Claws are also available and are a can't miss.
We have fantastic fish available from Australia.  Barramundi that weigh between 1 and 1.25 pounds look nice today.  Hiramasa came in again.  They weigh about 5 pounds each and are stunningly fresh.
Chilean Turbot looks delicious as always.  They are about 2 to 3 pounds each.  If the Red Grouper from Florida seems to small for you, we are expecting to receive Black Grouper from Panama overnight.  We are always thrilled with the quality of these when we get them.  They usually weigh between 5 and 10 pounds.
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Monday, December 12, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
Terrific items are available today and we have more great stuff on it's way for tomorrow.  Fresh Local Octopus is supposed to come in tonight.  They are 1 to 5 pounds each.  Please order them ahead of time.  Wild Striped Bass is back after being scarce this weekend.  They are from Maryland and Long Island.  The New York fish are starting to taper off as tags run out.  Local Swordfish and Tuna are coming in tonight.  These boats fish from North Carolina to New Jersey and ship to us directly.  These are always the freshest we see.
The cost of Cod is going up.  We brought in some gorgeous Sow Hake with nice bloody collars as an alternative.  They are in from Massachusetts.  Also from Massachusetts, gorgeous 7 to 9 pound Dayboat Monkfish Tails are here.  Nantucket Bay Scallops are set to come our way tonight as well.
Farm Raised Halibut from Iceland looks like a great option today.  They are averaging 10 to 20 pounds each.  Walleye Pike from Lake Michigan are weighing in at 4 to 6 pounds each.  Beautiful 5 pound Australian Hiramasa are here.  We are getting a nice delivery of East and West Coast Oysters tonight.
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Have a great day.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
It's time to start thinking about another busy December weekend.  We brought in some terrific items and have more great stuff coming in tonight.  Live Scallops in the Shell from Long Island are here.  Long Island also sent us some lovely Whelks.  U/10 and 10/20 Scallops should be no problem this weekend.  The 10/20's are from Cape May, NJ and the U/10's are coming in from Massachusetts.  Nantucket Bay Scallops are also available.  Get them while you can.  We are expecting the high winds in New England to really do a number on Nantucket Bay Scallops, Fresh Squid and Wild Striped Bass for the days to come.
Blackfish from Boston looks like a great option today.  They are super fresh and weigh in at 3 to 5 pounds each.  More delicious Razor Clams found their way here from Maine this morning.  We have a great deal on #2 Tuna tomorrow.  Give us a call to find out more.  Local #1 Tuna is coming in overnight and we expect the fish to be beautiful.  They will be a mix of Big Eye and Yellowfin, so please specify which you would prefer.
Our weekly shipment of Portuguese Sardines has arrived.  We have some extra for the weekend.  Chilean Turbot looks great at 3 to 4 pounds each.  Unfortunately, we got cleaned out of Escolar and won't have any more until Monday.
Monster Catfish from Delaware showed up today.  We only have a few fish, but they are over 30 pounds each.  Despite being a hideous creature, they are incredibly sustainable. 
Florida sent us lovely items today.  5 to 10 pound Red Grouper with bright red gills to match are here.  All the Red Snapper you need came in.  We have them from 2 pounds all the way up to 8.  Fresh 16/20 Shrimp from the Gulf arrived as well.
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Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
It's another gloomy day outside.  At least it's not cold.  Excellent items arrived today with more great stuff scheduled to come in tonight.  We have a 475 pound Swordfish from the Gulf of Mexico that arrived this morning.  I'm going to repeat that.  We have a 475 pound Swordfish!  It's roughly the size of my couch.  Head off and gutted Wild Coho Salmon from British Columbia came in again and looks great.  They are about 10 pounds each.  Local 3 to 5 pound John Dory is available today.  We are set to receive some Farmed Icelandic Halibut tonight.  They are going to be between 10 and 20 pounds each. 
We are set to receive a big delivery from Florida tonight.  It's going to be one jam packed truck with Red Grouper which will probably be between 5 and 10 pounds.  The truck is also going to have Red Snapper of all sizes, fresh 16/20 Shrimp and Large Stone Crab Claws.
Whelks from Long Island made a surprise appearance today.  Razor Clams from Maine are also available.  U/10 Scallops are finally available again for the weekend.  We have some in today from Massachusetts and are getting more in tomorrow.  Beautiful 10/20 Scallops keep pouring in from Cape May, NJ.
We got in some wonderful items from Central and South America.  Ecuadorian Escolar finally made it back.  They're about 10 pounds each.  Farm raised Cobia from Panama looks fantastic at 7 pounds per piece.  Chile sent us lovely 3/4 Turbot today and we are set to receive Panamanian Mahi Mahi overnight. 
Don't forget that tomorrow is our weekly delivery of Sardines.  They come to us directly from Portugal and are always terrific quality.
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Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
We have some great Local items for you to enjoy today.  Big 3 to 5 pound John Dory showed up this morning and is incredibly fresh.  Local Amberjack is available.  We don't have much, so if you want some I recommend preordering it.  The fish are rather large.  One of them is 25 pounds.  Some of the biggest Bluefish we've had in a long time are here.  They look great and are averaging 10 pounds each.  Long Island Wild Striped Bass keeps coming in despite New York running low on tags.
More of the terrific Razor Clams we've had recently are expected to come in tonight from Maine.  We also have nice, local Littleneck Clams, Topneck Clams, and Cherrystone Clams.  They are all coming our way from Long Island.
Gorgeous Chatham Cod is around.  They are available with the head on or off.  We are getting in more Farmed Halibut from Norway.  The quality of these has been great lately and they average between 10 and 15 pounds.  We have super fresh Swordfish in house today.  They are smaller pups.  If you are looking for something bigger, we are getting in a 300 pound monster of a marker Swordfish tonight.  Farm Raised Cobia from Panama is also here.  They are 5 to 7 pounds each and look great.
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Have a great day.

Monday, December 5, 2011

12.5.11 update

Good Morning Chefs and Buyers,
Hopefully the warm temperatures will bring in the crowds.  We have great items available today.  Wild King and Wild Coho Salmon showed up this morning.  They are both around 10 pounds each with the head off and already gutted.  This will get you a great yield.  They are coming in from British Columbia.  Keep in mind that they are bycatch, so we don't know about the availability to come.  After getting cleaned out over the weekend, we got in some beautiful Tuna and Swordfish overnight.
Long Island Wild Striped Bass is still looking great and coming to us daily.  My buyer says New York is starting to run out of tags for the fish. This means availability can become an issue.  East Coast Halibut is available, but the price has gone up.  We are trying to find more farmed Halibut from Norway.  Beautiful Dayboat Monkfish tails are here.  They came in from Boston.  Also from Boston, 3 to 5 pound Blackfish arrived today and are super fresh. 
We managed to track down some U/12 Scallops today.  They're from Massachusetts.  We aren't sure how availability looks in the days to come, so we have lots of 10/20 Dayboat Scallops from New jersey to help cover the difference.  Nantucket Bay Scallops keep coming in and look terrific.
Florida sent us some lovely Golden Tilefish.  They are weighing in between 7 and 9 pounds each.  Large Stone Crab Claws, also from Florida made an appearance this morning and are fresh as always.
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Have a great day.